Just for them.


Away from screens,

…Into music and stories! We know how hard it can be to limit screen time. Music and story time should be low-tech!

Our speaker lets your child listen and discover new content through simple buttons.


Back to basics

We have designed a speaker with kids in mind: simple and autonomous


Safe and easy to manage

Content is stored locally on the speaker. No exposure to WiFi.

No USB cable to dig out... Simply synchronize from your smartphone application.


Kids Simple

Classic buttons. Playful actions. Rugged design, and cool handle… all thought from the kids perspective.

Listen, Repeat, Discover… all at her finger tip.


Parents become coaches

Parents stay in control of their kids audio experience.

Relevant and evolutive content is available to parents in our dedicated library.



Good old analog interface


Favorites + Sleep function

10 songs or stories are stored on the device. Simply twist and listen.

1 sleep position to setup a routine for bed time. (timed player and relaxing sounds)

1 position to hear the latest track you loved.

They tend to over do it. Press the button to play again, and again… and again…

Discover toggle

Flip the toggle to the right to hear a new song selected for you.

Flip the toggle to the left to hear a new story you might love.

Bingo! You loved the discovered track, press to add it as your “heart” of the moment.



Play / Pause

just like it says… we all need a pause sometime!

Setup + Content

We work with content platforms to source the best available content for young audiences. 1000s of songs and stories are available via our app. Once you have selected the content you want, a simple synchronization from your device to the speaker loads the files locally. Your kids is now free to listen.


Step 1 : content

Download our app, register on the content library platform to have access to 1000 of songs and stories.


Step 2 : organize

Assign your kids favorites tunes and stories to one of the ten favorites positions. (supports local files too)


Step 3 : load

Sync Padam Kids speaker with your phone via our app. Files are transferred locally to the speaker through bluetooth


Our Values

We are parents too. We have not found a good solution for our kids to listen, so we invented Padam Kids.

Here are the values at the center of our product.



Discovering new things is what childhood is all about. We want our kids to explore all the time. Padam Kids includes a discover toggle to let them hear new things and find a new favorite.


We want our children, to be able to grow into confident adults. This starts now, by letting our children become independent in play too. Music time should not require mummy or daddy intervention.




Basic education also goes through appropriate music, and story choices. We partner with specialist in the field of children education, dedicated to create content for them.

From Paris, with Love

We are incubated at StationF
the largest startup campus in the world


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Please drop us a line, if you have questions or want to test the product.

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